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Originally Posted by John Faulkner
Has anyone seen the series? If so, what did you think of it? I've seen up to the last dubbed episode recently (somewhere in the middle of the Rei storyline), and must admit I did enjoy it to a certain extent despite the rubbish animation. The story really picked up after Kenshiro VS Shin
I actually liked it alot ... yes ... by todays standards the artwork is a bit dated and hokey ... but the manga is gorgeous ... especially the full color special editions that have been reissued as of late.

... by the way ... there is alot more to go in regards to the storyline ... the manga went a full 27 manga complations of about 5 eps ... and the tv anime series went at least 2 full seasons (I think actually a little more). Shin is actually the first major challange to Ken ... and as with this genre ... he fights progressively more powerful foes as the plot develops (which has more twists than a daytime soap)

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