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Originally Posted by Unlikely Fan
I'm not trying to make anyone mad here, but I've seen a few Episodes of E7, and I must say that it's horrible. I know...I know... I shouldn't pass judgement before I've seen the whole series, but there is nothing there with which to interest you. That main character guy is about the ugliest drawn face that I've ever seen (not to mention his voice).

I just think the whole idea of airboarding robots is kinda dumb; it's like the developers sat down and said: "how can we make this cliched show look LESS like Evangelion" ::silence:: "we could give them airboards!" "BRILLIANT!"

I know I'm coming off a bit harsh here. I tend to like darker animes like Evangelion and GitS, so I'll just go play on my side of the playground now.
Wow I just posted on animenation's asking how long until there is a Eureka Seven rips off Evangelion site.... with people like you it shouldn't be too long!

lawl at the "pic" of asuka in that thread.

btw hope anemone doesn't die only seen upto 32 atm.

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