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Yes, James really likes being a woman. You know, his English voice starts off posh and fairly high pitched, then morphs into a smooth and extremely deep one. Strange. I think it’s quite an entertaining voice.

Yeah, I think the culture of AB wouldn’t accept a Pokemon board without a fight, maybe you’d see some threads in protest if it did happen. I’d probably say the culture overall is one where anime is perceived as a mature medium, and those discussions perceived as thought-provoking take precedence over those that aren’t. Some forums are very competitive with members that have a point to prove. So a “Mon” board would be hard to stomach and maybe members would start to lose their pride almost, their identity on a messageboard community level. A culture change operation involving a public address by Eva2000 might be needed although casualties in terms of member resignation and a revolt/ boycott cannot be ruled out. So it could be vital to get approval from members before such a board can exist.
(and if all that sounds like a load of crap, you can blame it on all the lectures on culture I have had)

I was thinking if someone drew up an anime style “map” of a city or inside a building for the front page, with each building or room representing a forum, then wouldn’t that look quite good? You could then say “Hey, I think I’ll go to the Gundam Institute [Gundam Forum] and check out the latest posts”.
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