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Originally posted by ATh
It is animeboards and it is selectanimneboards.

there are lots of anime that will never get a forum here,

deal with it

deal with it....right.

Heyeveryone! ATh decided that he would be god, so lets all follow what he says!

Honestly, having a mon forum isnt going to warp animeboards into a kiddie playground. Yes, i know that there is a lot of anime that will not be put into forums here. But that is mainly because not many have heard of it, or it wasnt very good. Most forms of Mon is rather famous and we've all either have heard of them, or we watch them.
Not ATh im sorry if your parents smacked you around when you were a child, and locked you into a basement for a few years, but thats really there fault. Not Pokemon's. A mon forum has every right to be on ANIMEboards as does Evangelion.
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