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Originally Posted by Takeshi-chan
okay, well ive been meaning to post some of my new stuff since 2001 when i last posted in this forum... but im a lazy dipshit. lol... but now i have a good bunch of stuff scanned and everything... but most of it isnt exactly anime... but thats okay... i dont know who remembers the other art i posted here a while back, but my style has changed a bit since then... i also re-read through my old posts from then and realized what an arrogant kid i was then... so uh yeah *cough*(please dont comment on that hahahaha ^^;;;;;;; so here's some i'd like to start with...

of course im open to any C&C

1. Chii on the bed... classic Chii in the oversized tee... hehe i lurve this, shes so cute!! this is in the process of getting colored...
2. An elven i girl i created playing with a small faerie. when i get around to CGing this one, the rippled fabric will be sheer... i have such visions for this one, and a whole involved background...*eyes glaze over*
3. Just a dress i designed. its a stiff material on the outside, kind of like a huge corset type thing, but lots of soft petticoats underneath. its kind of contrasting, and i like that.
4. a CG i did of an angel girl i drew. it was used as part of the back ground of my livejournal layout. i had a matching one of her back turned, walking away. but i couldnt get one of the legs right, so i never finished it. i really should, thats such a shame.

enjoy! expect more from me when i manage to either a) resize the rest of my scans under 75kb so they dont look like postal stamps... b) find a good free image host... c) get my website to allow direct links... mhmm lol
Overall, I really like your style ... and am impressed with your attention to detail and sense of composition ...

Things to look out for ...

For your #2 pic of the Elven Girl and Faerie:

Your grasp of proportion and anatomy is reasonably accurate (especially considering there are really no rules for Elvish folk!) ... so take this with a grain of salt ... if you are basing anatomical proportion and ratio sizing to that of a human girl ... then it appears that the head might be a tad big ...

Facial features seem to suggest a weak chin and protruding teeth and there is an impression that the eyes are really wide apart or very deeply set (recessed into the skull) ... if this is a girl of the apprarant age of say 16 ... you might want to adjust the facial geometry by bringing the facial features a bit lower and moving the eyes closer together, pull back the lips a bit and shorten the nose ... this will also have the net effect of increasing her apparent cranial or brain capacity ... by increasing the forehead area subtly.

... also the elven girls left arm (the one reaching for the faerie is a touch to high and to far in towards the chest midline ... this give the impression that she "skrunching" her shoulders together for some reason ...

... the right foot (given the angle of the girl) should be less prominant and somewhat hidden by her left foot/leg... as it stands now, it looks as if her right leg is a bit longer.

Did some rough aproximations to underscore the change in facial geometry

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