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Originally Posted by Millions
Oh man, you're kidding me.

The drawing is clearly done on a rotated axis...the 3/4s view. You went in and chopped the pic to make it look like a profile's clearly NOT a profile pose.

<Please read more carefully ... notice I detailed the head, yes the body is 3/4 view by intent, but the facial plane contains elements of both 3/4 view and profile (as I have stated)

It's not your wordy criticism that's that you changed another person's art. The fact that you taught highschool art does not merit you the right to completely alter someone's drawing just because YOU think you're right. Art is a form of personal expression...not someone elses expression.

<When the person asks for a critique, they ask for EXTERNAL SUBJECTIVE views ... and as I have also stated, don't rely on just my view (or for that matter yours) ... if truth is desired, then ask those with whom you trust (as in the art college mentioned ... AFTER ALL THE TRUTH IS THE GOAL IS IT NOT? >

Honestly, from where I sit...the original is much more proportionally accurate as well as properly balanced.

I'm not surprised that this type of critical criticism on a FAN ART board has chased off some rather talented artists, say what you will.
< I have, and so have you, now it is up to others to determine the merits of both views ... keep in mind that I qualified most if not all of my observations to be as fair as possible and recommended additional review ... I want truth to come out, I also want this artist to improve and expand their craft ... so I say, bring it on... If I am disliked for it, for the moment, then so be it ... I have had many students, thank me AFTER THE FACT for critical instuction ... >
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