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How many episodes of Sailor Moon were made???
How many were dubbed into English???
and how many of those were seen in Australia???
because the last we saw of it was when Rene went back to her mother in the future...and that stupid "Follow the Leader" episode
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There are 200 episodes of Sailor Moon (As well as a SuperS Special, SuperS Ami Special, and some movies, probably for R and S).
I don't know how many episodes have been (poorly) dubbed so far. I believe that they have just started showing the S series here in America (With Uranus and Neptune intro), that would mean they are around episode 90+.
I'm assuming that Australia has seen the end of the Sailor Moon R series, which would be episode 89. (I'm pretty sure that would be where they would stop showing, as the S series is fairly new in America).
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