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Hang on to your seats, kids, because you're going to love this. Where the Vampire Hunter D OVA, was a wonderful concept that went on too long, the Vampire Hunter D was a state-of-the-art action-packed horror flick with enough twists and turns to bowl you over with gorgeous animation and make you cheer or groan with the audience at every confrontation.
Was the story deep? No. Was it intricately complex? Nope. But it neither was it boring, laggy, or far-fetched (for a vampire movie, that is). Basically, the creators seemed to know exactly what kind of audience they were going for and what kind of movie they wanted (action movie) no more, no less. The movie has come off, touching enough emotions of mystery, romance, and sadness and plot twists to create an amazing animated experience. This is furthered even more with an ending that leaves the beaten path of typical ending.

The designs, animation-style, and battle scenes themeselves were so much like Ninja Scroll's best scenes, it was as if I was watching the new perfected Ninja Scroll 2. Even the dubbing was superb, equalling that of Princess Mononoke, without awkward speech or lipflap (as I had heard that at the time it was screened at the First Annual New York Film Festival, there was no Japanese version they had made the english version first!). All in all, I have to say that if you're not an action-movie lover, you still have pretty entertaining film. If you like action, this is the perfect way to spend your evening.

VHD does a lot of things right. It is able to introduce a fairly large cast of supporting players and make each one stand out. It features a romance, but doesn't bog down the lead character by making him a part of it. It makes sure to point out D's weaknesses as well as his strengths. And it gives an incredibly vivid picture of this strange future world. Each setting, from rundown forts, to ancient gardens, to grand castles is carefully designed. So much detail is put into these backgrounds its amazing the animators could put as much details into the characters, but they did. Simple townsfolk, state of the art vampire hunting armor and gorgeous dresses are also illustrated beautifully.

i can't wait to buy it on DVD.i'll be the first one to buy it.

see you space cowboys.
"Everything past and future is vivid. Only the present is fuzzy."
-Yoshitaka Amano
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