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how accurate are fansubs?

i was just wondering becuase i wanted to get some love hina fansubs, i never realy tried fansubs cuz someone told me they were crappy and inaccurate and just stick to the sub on dvd's. so what do u guys know?
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It really really depends on who the subbers are. You should ask arround. Do you know anyone that has gotten Love Hina so they could tell you if their stuff was crappy?
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Love Hina has been fansubbed by different groups. Some of the translation jobs done were very accurate and pretty good ( a good chunk ) some of them were only so-so... I think only one fansubb i had an issue with the translation job.

As for the quality of fansubs translations? I have some fansubs where the translation job was done WAY better then what the commercial release did.... That speaks very highly of the hard work that anime fans did to produce a top notch quality translations. If all fansubbing groups were like that and always outdid a commercial release, more people who like their translations well done would prolly stick to the fansubbs.

Personally I keep a good chunk of my fansubbs and only buy something commercially released if the the translation job was as good or better then what i already have on tape. If it is poorer I don't even bother picking it up on DVD.

Thats my two cents. Hope it helps.
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... It depends on where you got them from...
Some put a lot of work into the translation, some don't..
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The really poor fansubs are the ones that are really excessive with foul language. I don't think fansubs are 100% accurate, but the really good fansubs do come fairly close to subs on a DVD.
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Seeing I don't know a lot of Japanese, I guess I would be easily duped by bad translations. I guess the best recommendation is to have a knowledgable friend recommend a few places to you (errr, not on here of course, since it's against the rules and all... )

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Like everyone says, it really depends upon the group and how good their translator is. Sometimes (such as for Inuyasha) the group is doing a translation of a translation (Inuyasha is actually translated to english from a korean script) so of course you lose a bit of accuracy there too.

Remember though that the fansubs aren't meant to be a substitute for the commercial dvds anyway, so they're allowed a bit of leeway when it comes to is a FAN-produced work, after all, which you settle for if there's no commercial alternative and you really want to see the show. If you can get a commercial dvd version, then go with that.
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If you get really lucky, sometimes the fansubs are more accurate than the licensed subs. Like if the producers are really stupid (VIZ --grr) and they like to dumb things down, then the fansub of same is probably more accurate.
Like how VIZ will translate "kusso" as "darn/dangit" when literally it has a much stronger meaning. (lit means sh**). Sometimes when a fansubber uses foul language in the sub it is just because the Japanese itself contains strong language. But I only have my limited knowledge to go by, so.....
But the second best thing to do is get the dvd then turn the subs off, then watch it without any contamination whatsoever but, it's pretty hard to understand when you don't know very much Jpn. Well that never stopped me before!!
The best thing to do is download them off the net. Then they're freeeeeeeeeeeeee
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