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"Fist of the North Star" Reborn on DVD after 14 Years!

"Fist of the North Star", the deadly weapon handed down many generations, gave rise to such unforgettable exclamations as "ABESHU!", "HIDEBU!", and "TAWABA!". That TV anime was concluded 14 years ago but is soon to reappear on DVD. None of the 152 episodes has been made into video or DVD, making this release greatly significant.

The anime, "Fist of the North Star" was broadcast on Fuji TV for three years and five months from October 1984, and later was made into a blockbuster live-action movie. It was also made into a video game and inspired a line-up of collectable figures. However, although a special edition video was released after the end of its TV run, until now, all 152 episodes have never been transformed into video or DVD.

The "Fist of the North Star" story was created by Son Buron and Tetsuo Hara and first appeared as a regular series in Weekly Shonen Jump and later as an independent manga, which sold over 60 million copies. It would be very hard to find a twenty/thirty something Japanese man who does not know the series. As a child, this writer remembers the extreme coolness, violence, and the ominous reticence of this series.

Outside of Japan, the "North Star" series drew much criticism for its often-violent content. However, it has also been said that themes such as "love" and "friendship" are more relevant. And while the popularity of main character, "Kenshiro" goes without saying, "Fist of the North Star" also features much-loved villains such as "Rao" and "Saoza".
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Ugh . . . well i know i wont be getting those DVDs . . .

I didnt like Fist of Northern Star, the animation i found kinda crappy and well i dont like the violence . . . with the exploding and blood etc . .
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Fist of the North Star rules!!

Well that's good news but will there be an English release? Some info on that may be good. Also I thought Manga Entertainment released these on video (or a handful of them anyway) or maybe it was just in the UK??.

Well, don't expect anyone else to reply to this thread... (as far as I know) North Star isn't too popular around here.....must be all that exploding grey matter.
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Man, the live action movie was vomit-inducing.

I've never seen the series, but I have seen a movie with the same title. To a 14 year-old headbanger who was into Slayer and Pantera, it was one bad-ass movie. I want to watch it again to see how my tastes have changed.
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