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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Whoo, tough name. Anyway, this is another of my favorite never talked about animes. Who likes KKJ. I think it's definitely the best magical girl show. It may seem kinda corny at first, but it gets way better around ep. 15(not that it's not good in the first place.) I like Sailor Moon but I think the char. here or better. So who else has seen it.
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Yaaaayyy...I love KKJ, though I think it's the second best mahou shoujo series out there ^^
I'm rather fond of Tanemura Arina's art (ever seen the manga art? *_*), and her characters are great. Maron is so far from the typical happy-go-lucky ditz type of heroine. It's a refreshing change.
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Well as for me I like KKJ more even then SM, because Maron is not so crybaby as Usagi and Chiaki is not stupid...well I like Chiaki more than Mamoru.And I just like that Maron is so lonely...I like her another side.She is so lonely but she allways has a smile on her face...I just like it I can't do such thing.And I just like her words..."I'm absolutly alone..."
One more thing :MANGA IS PERFECT!I like it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!! ^_^'
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i think that the pictures r really pretty for the manga.. and the whole story is good.. i luv this series.. kkj is awesome and i think access time is adorable
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I love Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Its really a great series, except it doesn't get advirtised much (like some other great animes...Nadesico, Saint Tail, etc...) I also think it has a great storyline and I would rather watch it anyday over Sailormoon.
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