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Hunter X Hunter

I want to know who here has seen the anime and what they think of it? Is it good, bad, or just so-so. Because I've read some the manga and I think its great.

Also, I just want to know if its possible to get a boxset if they have one. If I had cable I would just probally download them. But I dont so I'm going to buy them, if there is a boxset.
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Sorry I don't know anything about a boxset.
I've now seen almost every episode of the anime and I like it.
the biggest flaws of the anime are that some new scene's are a bit out of place like the old abandonned boat(which contained some funny scenes tho). And now it is almost as violent as sailor moon with not one drop of blood hitting the floor.
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I love HxH. Both the manga and the anime. For sure, one of my favorite anime and manga. I'm so psyched that they decided to bust out another OVA to continue where they left off in the first OVA set. I just can't get enough HxH.

If you're refering to a boxset in America, than no, there isn't one. It's not licensed. For other regions, I have no clue.
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Awww I'm hooked on HxH, I've been reading the manga for some time now and its all I talk about to my friends. I'm trying my best to get them to read the manga. Now I'm planning on buying the boxset and ovas once I get enough money...subtitles all the way!

And whats so cool about HxH I can't choose one fav. character cuz they all have some many good points in them to be my fav. character..

I'm not very far in the manga I'm about on volume 6 so right now I'm rooting for the good guys along with the bad guys...
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