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Smile Some Shocking News..

Well this is for those who liked Gensomaden Saiyuki. A sequel is now in the works!!!!!!!! The first episode of the new series entitled Saiyuki:Reloaded will air this fall in Japan!!!

Also, I thought this was strange too. It seems that Disney is going to have a hand in making Ghost In The Shell 2. Now how strange is that. Disney? Ghost in The Shell? Anyways, this should be interesting. Head on for a more detailed explanation. I am happy that Saiyuki is continuing though. Awsome news.
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orochi X
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Same, I too am happy to see a sequel to Gensomaden Saiyuki, because I didnt like how the first series finished off leaving me pondering


Will Kougaji (sp?) ever be able to free his mother and will that evil lady (I forget her name) be able to free the demon king?

Also I hope to see in Sayuki Reloaded more Tenkai flashback episodes of the groups past life because I want to know more about Natuku and his friendship with Goku
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whats so bad about Disney helping fund Gits 2? its not like they're going to say "hey, no nudity on this, lets make this film family friendly!", no they will not!

Miramax will release the film (owned by disney), so you dont need to worry about anything.
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I'm personally interested in finding out where they're going to be picking up the Saiyuki storyline from for the second series. See, the entire second half of Gensomaden Saiyuki is filler (with the exception of the past lives stuff, which is part of Saiyuki Gaiden). It's good filler, but the manga is so much better!

They still have about four volumes of Saiyuki that they haven't covered, and then it gets into Saiyuki: RELOAD.

orochi X, we're all wondering what happens in the past lives story. Sadly, I don't know that the second volume of Saiyuki Gaiden has been released yet. As for the other questions you have...same deal. Nothing's been resolved yet, and the manga is still coming out.

~Shadrach Anki
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