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You wouldn't think an anime adapted from The Count of Monte Cristo and sporting some of the weirdest usage of CG I've ever seen would be good, but the first episode was definitely very interesting. Even awesome, I'd say.

The usage of CG to fill in clothing and hair is something I've never seen before. Ever. It looks strange, irritating and distracting at times (when the CG pattern doesn't move with the clothing/hair), but this show is definitely on the surreal side, so I think those CG patterns actually contribute something to the atmosphere of the show. It tricks the eye a bit. And somehow, it works with the mood of the series to create something that's a bit fantastical.

On the other hand, despite the beautiful animation for the opening sequence, the opening theme is the corniest anime song I've heard in years, sappy and whiny. It should have been switched to the ending theme slot, because the ending theme is fairly rocking and the visuals that go with the ending are so violently hypnotic that they could suck a person into watching half an episode before the person could snap out of it.

But the story is amazingly dark and mature. There's a creepy shadowy feeling about most of the scenes, which is nice. And the Count himself (altered into a pointy-eared person) presents both wickedness and sadness in the too-short episode; his seiyuu does a nice job of capturing the subtle flavor of each side of the Count. So far, apart from the fact that there are spaceships flying around and this episode takes place on Luna instead of in Rome, things have gone very much by the book, which is refreshing to see in an adaptation.

Incidentally, this book is one of my favorites, the Count is one of the coolest characters of classical literature, and I've got high expectations for this updated adaptation. Here's hoping that this show lives up to them, because so far it's started out on the right foot.
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I'd only just seen the first episode of it Tuesday night, but hadn't noticed this thread. (Maybe it wasn't here...) Watched it at the anime club here. It got lots and lots of comments. First came, "PLEASE! Don't judge a show by its opening." The opening, my opinion, was way too overdone, too long and not in keeping with the show at all. One could say the same thing about something like Cowboy bebop, but at least there, the animation style, music and characters/objects were not ignored in the show.

Second comment was, "WOW! This would be fun with some Ecstasy!" As a person who has only drank, never smoked, rolled, dosed or anything else that wasn't purely pharmiceutical, I can't say for sure. But it does sound quite appropriate.

Last comment on the show (we didn't watch the ending theme, so you figure where this goes), "I thought he found something else!"

I actually haven't read The Count Of Monte Cristo, so it is interesting to know that this is based on a real classic. I'm definitely watching more anyways.
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I liked the episode and looking forward to the next one. Well. actually, I didn't like the spaceships and all the space talk, seeing that the setting of it and space talk does not go hand in hand, it's like adding mechs to Seven Samurai..wait they already did that
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