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I call it wasted potential.

Frankly, Gonzo has been sucking more and more. I loved Blue Submarine No. 6. Vandread was quite well done. Full Metal Panic was shallow fun, but nothing spectacular. Kiddy Grade just sucked.
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Thanks for the reviews. Think I'll stay away from this one.
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Naw, I think you shoudl watch it nonetheless. There is a watching value IMO. Waster potential indeed, annoying moments, but it's still worth to watch...

But on teh other hand..this thread is god ""# full of spoilers that owuld on the other hand be a waste to watch it now afterall ^^;;
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I've now seen the first 15 episodes and meh I actually like this series alot more than I thought I would, episode 11 is the best episode so far though imo they did the bit with Ecclair rebeeling really well imo.

The dub for KG is also very good too but I'm a dub fan as well as sub so meh
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It's one of those animes that are "good but not great".I never liked when the main characters are too powerful.You know all the random thugs are gonna get their butts handed to them.

The one think I liked a lot however is how the characters are organized.Instead of having the typical stubborn-rash main characters,Eclair and Lumiere have strict mission,as do the other teams.
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