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Well, why not. I'll submit my character pic once I get all my comp stuff assembled and built

Player Name: The Great One
MSN: Ronin6767
Character Name: Alec Drakenheath AKA Drake (In the mercenary chain)
Character Age: 23

Place of Origin: Fanelia, Gaea
Race: Gaean Human
Class: Mercenary
1) "Kariana" his knife, named after his mother
2) "Zorin" His Katana Blade named after his father

(Physical)A 23 year old man standing at 5'8" with a moderate build made for speed and agility. He's got bright red hair, that makes him stand out quite a bit in a crowd. He wears a sleeveless blue vest, having purple squares upon the left side of it. He wears leather gloves on both hands. He wears shorts that are a loose fit, having a spandex-like pair underneath that cover his knees. He is quite notable for the marking below his left eye.
(Mental)Sometimes mentally unstable due to his past, but he seems to cover it up quite well. He is good at heart, helping others that desperately need it, free of charge. He also judges his pricing on his jobs depending on the client's wealth and circumstance. His drive to become a guymelef user sometimes distorts his thoughts, making some of his manners, regarding melefs and melef users personal. He gets rash thoughts of stealing melefs at times, even from his teammembers. Though, he never shows it. He does well around people and shows his emotions quite well. He usually gets very giddy when he's around a girl he likes and can't seem to talk to them or even approach them at all. He seems to be genuinely caring for the Earth human he found on his journey, named Eric.

1) Great attack and defensive speed. Quite useful for his job
2) Great agility in his ability to wield 2 weapons at once.
3) Does well with getting along with others. It's usually his personality that attracts other people to him.
1) Lacks Peripheral Vision. This is his biggest weakness in combat.
2) He's often haunted by his past. Mainly in dreams.
3) Terrible Direction Sense. Gets lost VERY easily, resulting in him always asking for directions.
4) Gets in quite a bit of trouble protecting Eric.
5) Lets his obsession of being a melef user cloud his judgement at times.

History: He doesn't like to talk too much about his history, but to those that have the chance to hear it, hear of the tragedy that has befallen his family. He was the age of 13 when he had come home to find his mother slain at the hands of his father. The light in the house was very dimly lit, but it stained his memory. The site of his mother lying lifelessly in front of his father, holding his blood stained sword. His father would turn to him, with an almost grievous look. "They are coming for me, boy. They said they'd find me and kill me. As well as you and your mother," is what his father said. This filled Alec with saddened tears. His father, almost zombie-like, walks towards Alec and holds his sword above his head. The blood of his mother streams down the fine blade of his sword, onto the hilt. He would remember the lonely gaze in his father's eyes. His father brings down the sword, only to plunge it through his own chest, killing him instantly. Alec, struck emotionless with the incident, grabbed his father's sword and knife and walked out of Fanelia, leaving the corpses of his family upon the ground of his home.
He continued to ponder who this "they" are. He started to think of it. He ended up growing up, finding his only way in life is to fight. Therefore, he'd do what he knows best for a living. As a mercenary. He's done countless jobs to build up a decent amount of money. Enough to live easily. Until 3 months ago....

3 months ago, an Earth Human by the name of Eric Baker decended upon Gaea, in a white pillar of light. Eric explains that he'd come from the Mystic Moon from a country called America. Alec was taken aback at his strange resemblance to the infamous Allen. Alec also knows about people who decend from the Mystic Moon. Having adored the tale of Hitomi and Van, he took Eric in, promising to return him the Mystic Moon. His quick fortune came to an abrupt end during a fight between himself and a Doppleganger. The Doppleganger ended up using Eric as a shield, making Alec accidentally impale him in the hip. After making the Doppleganger flee from the scene, he quickly rushed Eric to a nearby doctor in Palas. The cost of the bill would wither away the remainder of his wealth. Alec didn't care, because he made a promise to Eric and he intends on keeping his promise.
From that moment on, Eric and Alec travel together finding jobs and gaining enough money to make ends-meet while at the same time, doing it justly and fairly. Until......
"Water Giveth Life, Therefore, Water Shall Taketh Life"

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Megumi H
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*cough cough*

I doubt any new applications would be accepted right off... seeing as the Esca RPG's been dormant/dead for months now.
"Don't play with other people's bodies!" - Sanosuke Sagara
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Originally Posted by Megumi H
I doubt any new applications would be accepted right off...
I'm preparing a reply to TGO's PM I recieved on the matter.
seeing as the Esca RPG's been dormant/dead for months now.
Hm... I wonder why...
:3 moo.

- Build a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life.
- Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind.

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The Great One
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oh... heh... -.-
"Water Giveth Life, Therefore, Water Shall Taketh Life"
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