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Melody of Oblivian - Errrr???

Ow. That ending kinda stung, but then Im not sure I get it.
Ive got spoilers below in case anyone reads the Manga (if it exists) or simply understands some of what happened a bit better than I. Damnit, I always come out of these anime wishing someone would stick a bullet in my head. Why am I such a sucker for pain?

Spoilers below

Ok, so did Monster King III die? Does that mean Sayoko is now only an illusion? Considering what happened I cant work out whether she died or what. They said he was the last Meros, does that mean Kurofune is dead, or eternally in the maze means he just doesnt count? How could they do that to the cute girls? I was really in love with them. know..they were cute girls. Even though their attack sequences looked retarded. *sigh* pink hair
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