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Originally posted by Black_Knight
For those who do not know what happened, we are in the final major battle of the humans verses the machines. The humans have exo-suits with them. Not like a mobile suit or conventional Mecha with a cockpit, these are like another layer of clothing. You use your arms and legs to actually move these ones. Your arms and legs are very well restrained in them and then their is a chest plate which covers your torso and head.
I really love these mecha designs, kinda reminiscent of some early Shirow ones, before he settled on the master / slave arm config. I'm sure they put them in just so the anime fans can go "yeah here come the mecha to kick some robot ass, no way can the humans lose the battle now"

The only other major disturbing part would have been during The Second Renaissance: part 1 when that robot went beserk and proceeded to kill everyone in sight. It was okay from a distance but to see a first person perpective of it clamping on to a women's head and crushing it, watching the women's eye's fall somewhat out of their sockets and the jaw crumple with blood cleanly flowing out. Only to pull it apart and to see the brain cleanly pop out. I'm surprised no one found that a little creepy...
Meh, I thought that part was pretty laughable. It's just too unrealsitic the way the skull splits cleanly apart to reveal a pristine brain.

As for the scene of the UN being Nuked, you heard the machine's demands that they wanted the human's flesh to survive, they nuked it most likely to show that they had no hope left, and also to rid the world of troubling politicions...
Yeah, some people seem to think that the humans detonated the bomb as a token of resistance, but watching it again, it seems fairly clear that the explosion emanates from the robot itself. Probably not good to over analyse it - maybe the director just thought that it'd be a stylish way to cut to the boy in the Matrix (who I think I'm right in saying was the original Chosen One).
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If you watch the directors comentory I think they say why the machines used the nuke, cant remember why though.
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I decided to disect The Second Renaissance... And no I have yet to watch the pilot removal scene as of yet, even though I had to see it three times, The orignal, the documentary and the commontary... The director said it was suppost to be like takeing the shell of a lobster...

Also he mentioned that the robot in the UN did self-destruct so the robot's did it, why? Because they had no more use for the human leaders...

Another interesting tabit is the "smoke" from Operation Dark Storm are trillions of nanites, not smoke or anything like that. And the humans knew that it was suicidal, but they were desperate.

Also during the battle, the main reason why the robots won was because they had those mollusk type robots, the one's that had lasers and the tenticles... But who cares? The humans still got their asses kicked...
Originally Posted by Pengi_Ken-Ohki
Getting hit on AB is like an attack in my own home. Curse you BK, CURSE YOU!
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well there you go,

you learn something new everyday

thanks BK
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You know, I wrote a review for the Animatrix for the website of my local anime society.

Let me know what you all think
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Personally, I found some of the Animatrix quite dull and underdeveloped. Most of it was good tho. I enjoyed the animation greatly.
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The animatrix, i guess, was only ment to give you a taste of what has become the matrix.. or they just couldnt be bothered with the detail ^^
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