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Real Bout High School

i was wondering if there was a section for the anime real bout high school. There are only 5 or 6 mangas out right now so i dont know if it is even a big enough series to have a section or somthin i don't know.
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Section? What do you mean by section?

Well there's a 13 episode anime series to it, I watched the first 4 episodes then gave up it's okay but eh nothing amazing. I guess I didn't like the whole monster thing
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Since he mentioned Manga he might be talking purely about that. The anime is crap. It had a brilliant first episode, then as it went on and on it got less and less quality, just a little by little, until by the third Disc the episodes were crap and the last disc was severely dissapointing. Fortunately I rented them all instead of buying.

The Manga is different from the Anime though, it doesn't go into multi-dimensional plots with monsters, as I hear it is just about the school fights. I haven't read the Manga myself, but I hear it is much better than the anime.

The anime though, eh...
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I've only read the first 2 manga and seen the first episode so i dont really know how good the others are but the manga i liked quite abit. But that strange how they didnt go into the monster stuff in the manga.
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I've read all and watched all! The anime sucked, I wasted my money......but the manga, good lord! I LUB U MANGA!!!
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I haven't watched any of the anime yet but from what I hear about the anime the manga is much better. What I hear about monsters is new to me cause the manga deals with fights among students in the school.
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