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Emma, MAR, and Basilisk

Given the lack of posting here, I figure I won't clog the board with 2 post threads. Especially, since none of these series are incredibly deserving a conversation.. but I wanted to talk about it.

So, any of you seen any of these three? For some info, refer to AniDB:

Emma is a refreshing change from the typical romance animes, mainly because they're usually accompanied with plenty of comedy, overexaggerated angst, and/or out-of-place drama. Sure, I'm exaggerating myself, but still.. Emma is a nice change. It seems to be more of a "slice-of'-life" romantic anime, so it may not appeal to those that are into the typical romance animes.

MAR is just funny. I never read the manga, though I kept telling myself that I would. Ginta is too funny. He reminds me of a cross between Luffy (One Piece) and Gon (Hunter X Hunter). That just equals funny. The premise and story seem so-so for now, but I'll definitely watch some more just for Ginta.

Basilisk is not for the faint of heart. Not extremely violent, or overly graphic, but it has it's moments. Almost typical samurai/ninja story, but the stories that were revealed in the latter half of the first episode really got me going. I'll watch a few more, if not only for the intense, well animated action scenes.
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I'm interested in MAR as it's by the same person who did Flame of Recca, which can be easily spotted in the character designs. The university anime club is going to screen the first episode of it next week, I might go check it out unless you need to of paid for the years membership before you can attend which I haven't.
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I"m starting to really like Basilisk.For one thing it doesn't go by the murphy's law of 1 on 1.Except for the duel in the beginning,people try to get all the advantages they can get in battle.

Also the story is very interesting,everything is chaotic at the moment soit's impossible to tell what's going to happen.
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