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Popped into the Student Union at school yesterday and some people were using the room with the big screen TV to play an anime called Bleach, only saw the first 3 episodes or so but it looks like what I imagine Yu Yu Hakusho would look like if it didn't suck: highschool kid becomes a ghost to fight the horrors of the afterlife. This particular anime had a style that looked very similar to a Manga, It seemed cool but not cool enough that I would go out and buy it. Anyone else see this one or have thoughts on it?
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I started watching Bleach around this time last year but gave up after 10 odd episodes, however though I am reading the manga. It's nothing new, your typical shounen series, hero gets strong, enemies get stronger, hero trains some more gets even stronger, beats enemies and rinse and repeat. But what keeps me going with Bleach is the great cast of characters and the humour.

Some more of my thoughts and other members thoughts can be found here >
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