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What I believe to be 'original'

Jin-Roh, any Hayao Miyazaki film, Metropolis, Steam Boy, Jungle Emporor Leo. Paranoia Agent was good. It got a little weird at the end though but it was a good kinda weird...I guess.
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Originally Posted by dheu
Whoa. That's one I've never heard before. The Matrix = Seven Samurai? How do you figure that?
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A nice anime I caught recently is REC. It's the story of a young woman who wants to become a Seiyuu (Voice Actress).The story starts with a cheerful tone and then becomes serious very fast.It gets really hard to kow what to expects wich IMO is what makes the anime very interesting.
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Cool Samurai 7 == Matrix? Nope, not what I said, but close..

I actually said,
 In fact, one could even see the parallel with the Matrix.
Meaning, if you look @ the Matrix as a "small" hand full of folks trying to help out "town" in need of being "liberated" from an oppressing force, then you see the parallel.

When you look @ Morphus, you can "see" Kombe-sama, the leader of Samurai 7. But they are similar ONLY in the fact that they are leaders of an under-dog group both fighting for freedom for an oppressed group of people who are "slaves" in once sense, to the system [Matrix], in the other sense, "peons" constantly down-trodden by their oppressors.

Any clearer? There are only similarities and we've [America] has been on this kick for quite a while when you look @ a LOT of other movies involving the under-dog, the oppressor, & the heroes.

That's all I meant. But you've got to see deeper into the Anime and movies, in general, to pick up these similarities.
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