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Smile Kimi ga Nozomu Eien has been licensed!

I find this bit of news to be funny since I was inquiring about it in the Shuffle! thread and the fact that we were talking about this series. Anyways here's the info:

According to Anime News Network, FUNimation has announced the license for Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, which will be called by it's official English name as seen on the games and more in Japan as Rumbling Hearts.

Source: Animenation

So oppa, Pengi_Ken-Ohki, are you guys going to pick this title up? I know this is a must buy for me.
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Yeah, I'll pick it up... even though I'll never watch it. I'm too chicken----- to rewatch it. Kiminozo is my one weakness. My Achilles heel. The only thing that'll make me break down and cry like a baby (not literally... mostly...)

But I will get it... unfortunately, it had to be Funimation. A smaller company like ADV, whom I think would suit perfectly for a title like this, wouldn't be able to afford it. Oh well, I suspected they'd be the one's to get it so this shouldn't be that much of a shock.

At least, they did impress me with the dual subtitle tracks for Fruits Basket. They had a subtitle that matched the English dub and also had one that was a direct translation of the Japanese dub. It may not be a new thing but it's the first DVD I ever got that had that. Quite impressive.
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Funimation can do some pretty good work. They did an awesome job with Fruits Basket.

I'll probably be picking this series up too, although I like the Japanese title "Kimi ga Nozomu Eien" a helluva lot better than "Rumbling Hearts." "Rumbling Hearts"? Sounds like the name of a really bad romance novel.
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Dude I'll definately buy it. But re-watching it? I dunno. Even when I bought the Eva boxset (after selling my old VHS tapes) I couldnt re-watch it for months.

Not only am I afraid of going back to how kimi made me feel, but I also dont want to cheapen it. I could watch it a second time perhaps, and think "oh this isnt so bad" and then some of the magic will be lost. Part of Kimi was the viewer's own confusion and inability to really know what was going on, and what to do. Its unfair to the main character if Im sitting there all cool and in control cos I know what he has to do and when, to fix it.

Also, I hope that more very short series like this get licensed. 6 DVDs is about my maximum for any 1 series. After that Ive spent far too much $$. I make exceptions for anime like Twelve Kingdoms though. (I once tried to buy all the kenshin dvds, but stopped around the mid to late teens because Id lost my job and could no longer afford to continue).
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Yay!! Finally!! I can't wait for it to be release! Thanks for the info.
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