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"Great" anime you've only seen once...

What are the "great" or "favorite" anime titles that you've only seen once (if possible, provide a reason)?

You know, the titles you'd put in your top five, top ten, top twenty... top whatever all time favorites list. I'm sure we've all rewatched a title because we enjoyed it... but there must be some that you'd consider great but have only seen once, right? I'm not alone in this, right?

I bring this up because I was at an impasse on what to watch this morning and was scrolling through all the titles I owned to see what I felt like... then I realized there were several I'd consider as a fave but never rewatched.

These are Cowboy Bebop, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Berserk, and One Piece. I have no idea why I never rewatched CB or Berserk (the latter could be because it's such a gripping series and I'm afraid I'll end up marathoning it). For Kiminozo, I'm too much of a pussy to rewatch that one and for OP, I've read the manga and am currently reading the manga again as it comes out in Shounen Jump so in a loose sense, I'm rewatching it.
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I'm currently watching Monster and I'd rate it in my top 5, but it's like a 74 episode series.
Out of the favorites that I've only watched once would probably be:
The Twelve Kingdoms
Gantz (that might be too much for you though)
Scrapped Princess
Record of Lodoss War OAV
FMA movie: Conqueror of Shamballa
Chrono Cross
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I saw a VHS Guiver anime back in 91-92, it was pretty cool. Never seen it advertised again, but I can remember the best parts of the movie/episode.
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I've been wanting to see Saber Marionette, based solely on the opening sequence. I saw a few episodes several years ago but they were in Japanese with no subtitles.
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There was some anime titles that I've seen only once and are some of my favorites. the reason for me is becuase once I know like the whole story, there's like no point to see them again because if i watch it again I already know what will happen at the next few minutes before it's even there. Well....that's me.
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Kare Kano, I didn't want to set myself up again to be dissapointed with the ending, that and I had to return it back to my friend.
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Please explain why you consider Kimi ga Nozomu Eien great. Because that one had me wanting to strangle someone. D:
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Full Metal Alchemist is a great series,but once you've seen it there's no point in watching it again,since you know all the secret and conspiracies
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Outlaw Star
Last Exile
Gundam Wing
E's Otherwise
Cowboy Bebop
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Excel Saga and Kino's Journey are the two that come to mind. I really enjoyed both and I want to get around to watching them again. But my problem is not enough time. I have trouble keeping up with my monthly anime viewing as it is without trying to re-watch old series.
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hmm.... Honey and Clover I guess. Not rewatching as I'm holding out some hope that the next time I'll see it will be on a licensed DVD.
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