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Animes that were better on paper,.. and vice versa

Ok so im watching bleach right now, episode 50 something or so into,
... and the excitement just isnt there as it was in the manga.

Its a great story the characters are decent enough, yet I just cant get into it like I was when I was reading it,...
perhaps its because I think they skimped out on the animation process, personally i think alot of parts were really poorly done, (the Zaraki fight anyone?)
and my ears start bleading whenver the music starts rolling in.

Perhaps im just picky and like my manga but I got to thinking how many shows Ive read and loved but just cant stand to watch for some reason or another..

Of course the opposite applies but im just wondering who else feels this way, and for what shows...
and is there anyshows that you can think of that really exemplify this?

Right now, my list for the love to read hate to watch is:

Bleach- for all the reasons I already mentioned

One piece: Best comic around makes me laugh and smile just thinking about it, the voices are excellent and really helped add to the comic, but the animation is really pathetic at parts, and really makes the show into something its not, ie. DragonBall.

My Watch but cant read list =

- The Manga was just something I picked up when I was caught up with Onepieces, so I never really cared about it much, the anime I thought was alot better, although I got bored with it there are alot of well crafted episodes that are very very impressive to watch.

Kare Kano - For some reason I just cant get into this book, the anime was so well done, that even the episodes that looked like it took about 10 minutes and 15.00 to make are excellent... probably the most dramatic show ive watched, the music is probably one of things i miss the most about the book. im still slowly giving it a chance though..

of course for discussions sake im just talking about the subbed versions because all the dubs are of course equivillent to a mountain of rotting corpses

anyhow ive talked long enough whats your sellection, do you have one
and if not why not...

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I never read mangas that were inspired by or were the inspiration for animes. It just ruins it for me, plus the "why should I watch it when I already know what happens and it's gonna be different to the point where I get frustrated by the inconsistencies" factor really deters me from reading. The only mangas I've read were stories that haven't been made into anime, like Legal Drug for instance.
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arent you afraid your missing something better than you are getting?,
which is what this thread is basically about...

At least you read some manga, though...

do you prefer manga or anime, or are they the same to you i wonder?

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Absolutely not. I think you ruin the whole experience for yourself because when you read a manga, you can't escape picking out differences in the anime. You lose the joy of simply experiencing the anime and spend your whole time comparing the two.
It's like in Bravehart. In the book, the princess had blonde hair and her servant was a brunette, but in the movie they were visa versa, but I never knew that until afterwards because I never read the book.

Some mangas are very good at expressing emotions and emoting action, but since it's a limited media, it lacks the ability to make the hair on my arms rise when a character does something completely amazing with full emotion and pressence. That's something a manga can never hold for me, but it's not to say the stories may be better since mangas don't have as much of a time constraint as anime does.

So to answer your question, I prefer to watch an anime over reading it's manga counterpart.
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Manga over anime:

Eyeshield 21. The manga is awesome and absolutely hilarious. The anime fell short of that, with poor animation for such an action-heavy series, and it left out some of the best jokes in the manga series.

One Piece. For the same reason as for Eyeshield. Although I've kind of grown away from the manga a bit, so that I don't read it as much as I used to. Still, it's so much better than the anime. Extremely better.

Anime over manga:

Full Metal Panic!. The manga is not terrible, but it lacks the focus and comedic timing of the anime. The animation is pretty good for the most part (particularly in the later seasons).

I'm sure there are others for both lists, but I can't think of them right now.
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My biggest problem with the Bleach anime, aside from the GOD-AWFUL PLOT-RAPING FILLERS FROM HELL, is how ugly it is. The character designs are lifeless and flat at best, and the coloring is hideous. Everything looks washed-out and drab. And yeah, the music is ass.

On the other hand, I can never really hate the anime because it expanded upon my favorite side-story in the entire manga to great effect. Episode 46, I love you so. <3

My least favorite manga-to-anime conversion, and the only one I really consider unwatchable, is D.N.Angel. It's dreck, absolute dreck--and worse, it's ugly dreck.
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Most recent title that comes to mind would be XXXHOLiC. The story telling just falls flat in the anime, I just don't really care for any of the characters. But I'm still watching it because I can. Though the anime doesn't suffer the same slow boring pace of it's CLAMP counterpart Tsubasa Chronicles (again the manga of that is much better).

As for vice versa, I enjoyed the Beck anime more than the manga probably because music series work better if you can hear the songs.

Yeah there's more but I'm too lazy at the moment.
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Appleseed - the manga is one of my all time favourites (I love Masamune Shirow!), but both incarnations of the anime (the 1988 OAV & the 2004 CGI movie) were a huge disappointment for me. The atmosphere of the OAV was all wrong, & the CGI movie, though gorgeous to look at, butchered the characters & storyline beyond belief.

Hellsing - started off okay, then veered off the Millenium storyline found in the manga, & gave us Incognito instead. I like the anime series, but when compared to the original manga, it sucks. Thank heavens for the Hellsing OAV.

I'm sure there are more, but those are the only two I can currently think of.
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Well I've had to go to Manga for two series: Kare Kano & Berserk

Kare Kano: well the anime itself falters when I watched it the second time. It really is appalling just how low budget that series is. Gainax could have made a great 13 ep series covering the content they did but at 26 recap laden eps it stretches on terribly. I was a big fan of the music though and the spirit of the manga seems faithfully reproduced.

To that end my biggest problem with the anime beyond second viewings is now having read the manga as well... it would have to be the first time I've accused an anime based of a manga of plagiarism. The anime is such a blatant panel for panel 'port' of the manga that other than add a soundtrack, voice and punishment for fans of either manga or anime with a criminal level of recaps Gainax's animated version brings nothing to KareKano that isn't found in the manga. A little license or interpretation could have gone a long way but if you want an uninspired lifting versus an adaptation then more power to you.

Where the manga picks up after the anime ends has some rather decent developments but is saddled by some incidental character interplay which I never could find to be anything but unnecessary. Knowing that the manga release by Tokyopop is very close to end its a shame to see that after Yukino stopped being the focus of this manga that she never really comes back which is a shame but even with the heavy Arima focus I'm desperate to see how it ends.

Berserk: The manga came first naturally but I must say I prefer the less magical version of the anime. Again with a great soundtrack helping a lot but I think the direction and handling of the source to such a high level of maturity is of special note. Staying rather close to the original but omitting all but the most plot point heavy supernatural elements really made me come to enjoy the anime more.

Having quickly caught up with the ridiculously slow paced release of the manga by Dark Horse I have some trouble dealing with the original content of the manga due to its supernatural elements or some of the racier material. To me the best part of Berserk was relationship between Gutz and Griffith which is captured beautifully in the anime.

To its credit though all that espionage and intrigue not to mention the relationships forged between the characters is all found in Miura’s original manga and I love that story and will continue reading the manga to see how it pans out. Providing the manga is finished before I die which is doubtful with Dark Horse…
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For action series I usually go with the anime.A picture of a characters with onomatopeas(sp?) around him/her just doesn't compare with a good action scene.Although lately it's rare to see good animated action.I miss the days of Slayers and Rurouni Kenshin...

For series I really really like,I'll have to read the manga,as it is always more detailed the it's anime counterpart.
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