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What would you prefer?

Would you prefer watching anime by downloading and or by buying/renting/borrowing DVD's????
I just wanna know....because I never seen a downloaded anime series on the computer before.....
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Preferably, I like to watch my anime on DVD's, although right now I'm watching most of my anime on the computer (fansbus). I never actually rented anime before.
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EVA fiend
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I only watch anime on DVD these days. Haven't watched a fansub in years as;

a). I can't stand watching anime on a VDU - we have a full 6.1 surround sound system hooked up to a 52" TV, why the hell would I want to watch anime on a poxy 15" screen?
b). the last time I downloaded an anime, I got a virus that wiped out the hard drive on my PC & I lost 6 years worth of work & notes that I had from my two degrees - needless to say, I'm uber paranoid these days.

I'd rather buy the Japanese DVD's (even without subs) rather than download anime.
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Escaflowne Chick
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I prefer buying. The quality is usually much better than downloaded animes. But if I can't find a certain anime on dvd, I'd probably download it.
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I Have rented a couple times. I usually just buy them(Ebay, amazon, gamestop). But i have downloaded some. I always download withing legal limits. In other words i dont download things that are licensed. Like FMP the second Raid. I downloaded the entire season, but now that funimation has it i have deleted it off my hard drive completely. I would much rather get the dvds then download. Mostly because they are the real thing, but if i dont get to watch something here because nobody will license it i will download(Yu-Gi-Oh Season Zero)

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I prefer DVD cause I've got a brand new Sony VVega, but I've been reduced to d/ling because a lot of my most recent favorites aren't released on DVD here in the states. In fact, I watched Naruto 132-140 last night and I almost have the entire Monster series (only if people would ------- seed episodes 55-62...)

As far was DVDs go, I only have about two dozen because we have a local anime rental store with everything from Project A-ko to X/1999 and it's only $3 a disc for 3 days.

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