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My brother has been buying the DVD's of this show, it's great, didn't go into the show expecting much (I kinda based my expectations on Love Hina, which I found entertaining, but dragged at times), but yeah, I found it quite light and enjoyable, which is the kind of stuff i've been more inclined to watch lately, I have seen the first 3-4 DVD's so far, so I haven't seen everything yet, but the holiday home episodes are probably my favourite, they all seem pretty good though.
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Watched this a whileago but since my sister started watching anime she got this series on dvd as well. In my opinion not something i could watch more than 2 times but its still worth a good laugh now and then
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A friend of mine who also saw the serie (I saw it too) told me that I somewhat remind me a cross between Tomo to Osaka, which I somewhat resent, heh.
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I just fininshed seeing all the episodes, and it's worth a rental, but not worth buying the DVDs unless you are hardcore. It is very light-hearted, and humor is good but it can be very immaturish too sometimes, but that's not surprising since the target audience is pre-teens to teens. Animation is very simple and relies on cuteness so don't expect any art masterpiece here, and since this is shojo manga (cartoon for girls), boys might not relate to the characters as much but is still understandable. The characters are all very distinctive and memorable, very rare quality, even the teachers are quite interesting, and to be honest, Yukari the home teacher of the students, stands out the most, and almost upstages the students in every scene with her outbursts of juvenile hysteria that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. The only odd thing about this series that implies itself as extraordinary is the cat-like imagery of the supposedly Chiyo's father, which is just weird and doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but then it just may be Sakaki's imagination, seeing how she's obssessed with cats. There isn't a real plot, just random episodes of the students going through school days, and that's ok, it's not a plot-driven series, characters still have depth and develop over the course of the series. This is kind of anime that parents want their kids to see.
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Someone I know said it was much like a contemporary Charlie Brown. Silly, mostly pointless and fun. The only major difference is that the teachers are more realistic instead of the "blah blah balah" sound...
(note the avatar is Yoshizuki Iori from the I''s manga by Masakazu Katsura)
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ill make this quick.

I love the anime and the manga and bought them both. and i must say that i havent been this satisfied with a anime series since Kino's Journey. Its orginal and different ( to me at least). Oh and let me ad that Kimura is the man. he's halarious
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Thread necromancy, party to ask why there's isn't an AzuDai topic in the Anime Series section.

This is perhaps the one series I keep coming back to time and time again whenever I need a dose of "the world isn't so horrible". A large part of it is Azuma's genius in finding the magical in the ordinary, and another is that we have ALL known people like that at one time or another. we've all had a teacher like Yukari-sensei at one time or another.

Here are some of the tropes I've picked up over the last few years watching this series and dealing with the people who love it:

1. Osaka isn't stupid. Far from it. She's a Zen Mistress who is in tune with the Universe -- just not the same universe everyone else lives in. Witness her ability to observe things everyone else in the cast overlooks even though they are perfectly obvious (like the fact that none of her friends have boyfriends).

2. Even if Kaorin never does land her Miss Sakaki, I think it's safe to say that three years of dealing with Kimura has completely driven her away from men. I can imagine her turning to Chihiro with her troubles, only to find that Chihiro has her own unique solution to them -- which would mean a few surprises for Kaorin ("Is THIS what i wanted to do with Miss Sakaki?").

3. Is America ready for Chiyo Mihama? Is it really?

4. Can't you just see Tomo as a cop? There's this wonderful pieces of fan art I once found of her giving Yukari a well-deserved ticket with You're Under Arrest's Natsumi in the background (which would mean Tomo ended up in Bokutoo Precinct and had the legendary team of Miyuki and Natsumi as not-necessarily-enthusiastic mentors. I can imagine the scene now?

Yukari: "I lost my license?"
Tomo: "But look at it this way -- you lost your license with such style and elan that people will be talking about it for years to come! You've done things with an automobile its designers never imagined! I'm proud of you, sensei!"
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