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Well here's my must watch list for April:

Air Gear
Black Lagoon
Ray the Animation
Tsubasa Chronicles 2nd season (must watch the first season)
Girls High
Ah! Megami-sama 2nd season
School Rumble 2nd season

Well, I'll try to watch all 50, but these will get my immediate attention first. Man, come April I'll become a real hermit!!
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It doesn't matter what I list as my "to watch" since I'll end up checking out most of them anyway. I like constant change so jumping from first ep to first ep appeases me... strangely.

I have more series' that I've started and not finished then I have that I've never started. Ok, that's exaggerated but I swear it's damn close.

The only series I will absolutely follow to the very end is School Rumble 2nd Semester. I lub it too much.

Oh, and Witchblade most likely unless it turns out to be total trash. I used to be a crazy fanboy and Marc Silvestri was one of my favorite comic creators/artists. The Witchblade comic was only ok but my fanboy instincts won't allow me to pass this anime up. Watching this would make me a fantaku! Or Otakuboy! Fantakuboy!!

Why am I getting excited about that?
I'm not dumb, I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.
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meh, is the only one that really caught my eye, just by going by the websites. The watercolor art shows a little unique art direction. From the like 3 images they have on their site the show seems to somehow involve mechs and lesbians. I can get behind that.

A few other shows looked like they could turn out real good, but the bulk seems to be "been there done that" fare.
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It still boggles my mind why every anime fan out there thinks its his job/priority to watch every single new anime out there*. If there's a lesson I learned these past 2 years, it's the fact that not all anime are good, in fact, some of them are pure trash that never should have even been produced anyway, I mean, it was a perfect waste of paper when said anime series was in manga form...sigh.

Regardless, xxxHolic is the only new anime I've watched. I'll end up watching .hack//roots eventually since I'm a fan of the franchise, as well as Tsubasa Chronicles once I'm done with the first season.

*judging from the "there's 50 new anime?!?!?! oh no how am i supposed to watch them all!!!111" reactions.
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When there will be 50 new series, that means to me that 40 will not be worth watching at all. The question is which 5 from the 50 are going to be good?

I no longer have enough time to watch bad anime series. I soon won't have time to watch even average ones...
(note the avatar is Yoshizuki Iori from the I''s manga by Masakazu Katsura)
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everyone there has too be one anime which you watch witch well take you mind with goodness and happness from watching( sorry for sounding like john howard )
i am owned
i buy chips mon!
go presedent bush
go bill clinton
i'm not a girl
i'm a boy
learn that
i like anime
i'm better than drainx
i like music
i'm an aussie
this is silly
but i'm not stoping
i could type forever
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