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Recommended anime online store?

I wasn't to sure where to ask this.

I"m currently searching for the DVD box sets of the Slayers series (Original,Next and Try) and I want to order online,but I"m not too sure wich online store to use.Also I've always been afraid of ordering things through mail as I've had multiple experiences of not receiving what I ordered.Does anyone have an online store they recommend?
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Go with ^_^
You don't have ta...and as for anime online store....I don't know as I never buy my anime online...I buy them mostly from Best Buy. ^_^
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well for the importer I've always loved free upgrade to express shipping when you get over USD$125 per order
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I import R1 DVD's from a variety of sources, including the following;

dvdpacific has had the bulk of my business this year, I've bought over a dozen series/boxsets from them in the past 4 months.
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The following two are the cheapest:


If your still not convinced use Dvd Price Search to compare all the online prices for a certain title.
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