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Originally Posted by The Creeper
What I meant Merlion is that "proper" ending means just having some sort of conclusion, having a sense that you know it's over or at least something has been accomplished.

A lot of Anime, of various different lengths, and both OVAs and regular series have what we would consider inconclusive endings...again often because of differences in Eastern/Western storytelling, or some times for reasons unique to a particular storyrteller (Evangelion is an example of that)

Even if the story wasn't "meant" to go any further that doesn't necessarily mean that it can't go further.

Pretty much any story can be taken further. Theres a saying among artists that no painting is ever finished, only abandoned. Being a writer myself, I can tell you that is often true of stories as well.

Just because it can go further doesnt necessarily mean it will, has to, or even should go further.

The reason I say this is because it hurts me that when you watch these characters and they start to grow on you, you feel a bit bitter knowing how far they got and knowing this is all you're ever going to have of them

I understand what you mean, and have experienced the same thing myself. If nothing else I love so many anime so much I would love for them to simply go on forever.

My only point is, a storyteller isnt obligated to take his story any further than he (or she) wishes to take it, whatever the desires of the audience may be.
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The Creeper
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Well that all depends on the story that's being told. Considering the plots and types of the animes that exist, not all of them are as "painting" like in regards to your saying. Also some are just illogical in how they prepare it.

Blue seed is a perfect example. A 3 episode OVA sequel was made with dozens of plot holes and unexplained answers left, which is confusing because it came from a 26 episode series that told the story well.

Plus Blue Seed 2 easily had a perfectly useable plot and set up to create at least a 13 episode series. It just seems like an insult sometimes because these animes are cutting people off of it before they can really get a taste of it.

So to speak.
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