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AIR: a poem

Been about 10 years since I wrote a poem. I'm very rusty and I know this needs alot of work, but here it is...

***Poem contains AIR SPOILERS***

A traveller has come to town
One thousand Summers has this world seen
Since the tears of the girl had first come down
He plays his part in this dream

He eeks a living with a show
A puppet master that holds no strings
A secret magic from long ago
Searching always for a girl with wings

By the ocean a girl he meets
With a smile and a crow and a dream to fly
He demonstrates his puppet's feat
He now has a roof, and place to lie

He works hard and she wants to play
Could this be becoming a family?
Then the pain comes one day
Frendship brings pain, it's the girl's destiny

He's gone away from her sight
He leaves with a promise she keeps in her soul
The dream of a crow that cannot take flight
The pain, the dreams, will she ever be whole?

The distance between her and her mother
Closed the day the man went away
She feigns wellness and trys not to bother
From her side her mother will not stray

A new love has grown between mother and daughter
A trip to the shrine, a toy, and cheers
But after the smile, return the dreams of the other
The girl in the clouds with wings and tears

The dreams are consuming her fragile life
Each dream was a step along her path
The pain the dreams brought cut like a knife
The final dream would bring not pain, but death

The day has come, the sky is clear
She walks to her mom on legs fragile and weak
As her mother weaps she has no fear
She reaches her mom, and puts her face on her cheek

With goal complete it's time to die
Her soul carries life to the girl up there
Her flightless crow can now soar to the sky
Through clouds and sunlight and through the AIR.
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