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And the onslaught of Shounen Jump series begins!

D.Gray-Man has just begun, first episode is out. Following this series because Allen was pretty cool in Jump Superstars (Nintendo DS) and well it's Shounen Jump.

Well not having much background on the series I didn't really know what to expect. . Well from episde one I'm not all that impressed. Animation was mediocre but it does the job and ditto with the action which I'm hoping will kick up a notch for later episodes. The akuma's, I think we're supposed to feel sorry and sympathize with them, being trapped souls and what not but they did a poor job with introducing Mark and Crea and well crushing death on the alter on your wedding day is terribly farfetched. However I do like the whole Earl of Millennium and the way they transform into the akuma, hah it looks like those model figurines.

So yes it's looking like a cookie cutter type shounen action anime, you know young boy (Allen) with amazing powers and abilities that look flashy with (I'm sure later on) a cast of typical shounen supporting characters who take on some evil that threatens the world. Heck even the opening theme song is so typical shounen anime series in style.

It's only episode one, so still early days, series could improve (and I hope it does). I will continue following this.
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If it follows the manga at all, then yeah, it's pretty typical. But it runs in Jump, so to expect otherwise would be kind of...foolish.

I didn't bother with the first episode because I'm really only going to download the episodes corresponding to parts I liked in the manga. Next week's episode brings the introduction of my favorite character (Komui), so I'll probably get that one.
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Well the first episode was interesting but could have been better,I can only hope it gets better.

I like the main character.He reminds me a lot of Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist.However I don't like the story behind the Earl of Millenium.Some powerful entity just goes around making miserable humans into weapons?What's the point?What's in it for him?How well the serie answers those question will determine if I"ll follow it or not.
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