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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Off wiki.
Reborn! is about a boy, Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada, who is chosen to become a mafia boss. Tsuna unwillingly undergoes training from Reborn, an assassin from Italy. Timoteo a.k.a. "Vongola IX," the head of the Vongola Famiglia ("Famiglia" is "family" in Italian), sent Reborn to train Tsuna; the first Vongola boss moved to Japan, and Tsuna was his great-great-great grandson; the other candidates for the position of the head of the Vongola family died. Enrico, who was the leading candidate to become "Vongola X", died in a gun battle. Massimo, the second, "sleeps with the fishes." Federico, the favored son, was found as a pile of bones. For these reasons, Tsuna is the only remaining heir.

Reborn's main instrument of choice in teaching Tsuna is the Deathperation Shot ('dying will bullet' in the Japanese versions) which will make the person be "reborn" as a stronger self intent on fulfilling his dying will.
Well about time, the first episode which aired last year has finally been subbed. You can grab it at the usual spots.

First episode, much like the first chapter of the manga. I enjoyed it very much though I do have one gripe which is the dying will bullet reborn scene didn't look terribly dramatic in the anime but other than that I think this series will translate well into an anime.

KHR will probably end up being quite a long series, there's a lot of everyday life short one chapter adventures in the manga, not sure if they will decide to animate them all or just do a few and then jump into the long story arcs.

What I'm looking forward to see being animated:


- Lambo.
- Ninth boss Din.
- New years Vongola games.
- Rebuke bullet Tsuna.
- The Vindice (yeah I know they only make a small appearance but still).
- And Lambo.
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