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Originally Posted by Kusunagi
I must be a lame... KON for the most part is another funny character! He crack me up!!!
Yeah, Kon is pretty good...I like him better in the manga though.

My vote goes to the little kid in Mermaid's Scar...sure he's a mass murdering genius, but everytime I see him hurt someone I'm like "Beat the shiot out of him! He's just a little kid!"
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-almost all of the characters from Love Hina
-Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo
-every main character from Shuffle!

I'm sure I've got a lot more hate to give, but that's all for now.
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Kato from Gantz. I hated that guy until the end. Then I was happy.
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LOL I haven't finished Gantz yet, but I take it he died!
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Originally Posted by MeMyself
Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion. She is a self-centered little bitch who has no redeeming traits. Although she does seem fond of Shinji at the beginning, she turns against him, cutting him down behind his back, as soon as he begins to approach and pass her as a pilot. When Kaji, who is too old for Asuka anyway, has romantic feelings towards Misato, Asuka turns against Misato. Top that off with her whinning and blaming others when things don't go her way, and you have the type of person I hate to be around.
Strong analysis .... kind of like what I thought for a while. However, my view of her has changed drastically.

As for the topic, I'll just take a punt:

The boys and girls in Tenchi Muyo; Tenchi pretty much lives up to his billing as useless, but the girls do their best to make him look like Albert Einstein.

Gundam Wing - Dorothy Catalonia: not content with two sets of eyebrows, she barges her way late into the series, struts around like a wise reincarnation of Sun-Tzu and beats up Master Quatre Raberba Winner III.
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