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Betrayal / Ambition

Whom is the greater Evil? Harry McDowel or Griffith?
Why Am I Fighting to Live, If Im Living to Fight.
Why Am I Trying to See, When there's nothing in Sight
Why Am I Try to Give, When No-one Gives Me a Try.
Why Am I Dying to Live, If Im just Living to Die
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Hehe...seeing both in action, Griffith takes this one by 10 miles!! What Harry did pales in comparison to what Griffith has done so far and he's just warming up!! When everything was all say and done, Harry came to regret what he had done. On the other hand, Griffith showed no remorse in his actions. Willing to do anything, to sacrfice anyone, all to obtain his goal. Makes him a very scary man. Especially now. I'm wondering how in the hell will Guts even face off against Griffith?!
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