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New anime

Post any upcoming anime that you are interested in and why.

Straight Jacket

Why you ask?

Its flashy!!! I like the character concept also, kinda what drew me to Gun X Sword.
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Haven't heard of that one but being an OVA and lookin' at the previews, it looks like it'll have high production value. Seems interesting, though I didn't read anything about the plot.

I haven't looked much into unfamiliar titles so the only one's I'm looking forward to are those that I know about, all of which are airing in the fall:

Shakugan no Shana II
Kodomo no Jikan

I've been meaning to finish Genshiken and ARIA so if I do get around to those, I'll probably pick up their sequels.

Due to my inability to resist anime of this type, I'm sure I'll reluctantly catch a few episodes of Da Capo II.

And lastly, once I get some more info on You're Under Arrest! Full Throttle, I may or may not check it out. I've seen about half of all the YUA out there and it's definitely a fun watch but given how long it's been since there was new YUA... yeah, gotta wait for some more info.
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Macross 25 (Hopefully Kawamori finds the right balance for this and not go to one extreme like Macross Zero and on the other side Aquarion)
Haruhi Season 2
Code Geass Season 2
Gundam 00
Rebuild of Evangelion
Kiddy Grade 2
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What I have my eyes peeled open for that's starting in a few months time are:

Gundam 00
Rebuild of Evangelion

Nothing else interests me so far.
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