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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Short description: One morning on her way to school, Kafuka stumbles across a young man hanging himself from a cherry blossom tree. Kafuka saves the man though her act of good will isn't kindly accepted. The young man believes that there is nothing in the world but despair but Kafuka thinks differently believing that there is hope for all. Later on it's revealed that the young man is actually the new homeroom teacher of Kafuka's class; Nozomu Itoshiki.

So this was one of the new new anime series for this season that I had my eye out for. I was initially drawn by it's character designs, very CLAMP esque. I had nothing else really to go on but I was pleasantly surprised by the first episode (which is out, grab it at the usual places). The art style is absolutely lovely, top notch quality (CLAMP should of got Shaft to do XXXHOLiC), the pale colours make it look a bit surreal, the textures how they are done is a bit like Gankatsuou, and I like the old fashion film style they've opted for here.

The anime itself is a dark comedy possibly slice of life drama, not familiar with the original manga here. It's quite amusing, Kafuka and her outlook on life; people aren't really hanging themselves to commit suicide but to make themselves taller, definitely made me smile. There's a lot of chalkboard gags here, quotes and what not, I missed a lot of them and the few that I did get I didn't quite understand.

There's also some odd censorship here (see below)

Reminded me of that one episode of GUN X SWORD where the chest and lower regions of the female cast were cleverly (?) hidden by a donkey's head. Anyway I'm not too fussed by this but I must admit it's quite distracting. That guy's head also pops up on the clock for some reason, inside joke? or are clock faces deemed unsavoury now?

Anyway I enjoyed the first episode of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and eagerly await the next ones. I recommend you check this one out.
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Glad to hear it's worth checking out. I've been juggling anime since I got back into it and keep jumping around from series to series. I finished up all the slice-of-life type animes and could use another good one.

Will definitely check this out.
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hmmmmm ... you mean that the "censor" heads are used during the actual anime?

If so, I can see how that could be distracting to say the least.

I find it somewhat odd that the artist would go through all that trouble in the first place? It must be my fundemental western outlook, but I find the risque depiction of junior high/highschool girls to be awkward at best ... especially considering the possible viewer demographics.

At a guess, the studio could hope for a significantly larger worldwide audience (with an easier port) without the "fanservice" ...

That is unless the censorship was actually an oblique critical comment poking fun at the imposition of (arbitrary) western values (where the censored clock is meant to generate puzzlement thus underscoring the subjective nature of the omissions.
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This series is hilarious, superior to Lucky Star and Hayate No Gotoku.
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