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Official Nana thread

I'm surprised no one has come up with it yet. If you love the animated series of Nana, the manga serials or the movies (unless I'm too lazy to surf these threads nowadays), discuss here!

Favourite character at the moment: Osaki Nana
Listening to the tune: Glamorous Sky - Nana starring Nakashima Mika
...NYA! :3
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Actually ...

I'm a tad behind .., well okay 10+ episodes behind in the anime, really should get around to catching up, I think it's almost finished it's 50 episode run.

Still eagerly waiting for Hong Kong retail of NANA 2 live action so I can rent it.

Can't be bothered with the manga.
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Yeah, it doesn't help that the subbers are taking their sweet time with this!! About to watch episodes 42, 43, and 44 right now.
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I'm way behind for both the anime and the manga but I can still state, w/o a doubt, that Nana will always be one of my favorite series'.

I'm slowly catching up on the US released manga and once I catch up, I'll continue on with the scanslations. Unfortunately, the anime will have to be put off for a bit longer.

Anyone catch the live action movie? I rather enjoyed it even though it had a way more depressing tone than it's counterparts.
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I think once I finish watching the anime, then I'll start on the live-action version. Finished watching episodes 42, 43 and 44. Watching these episodes reminded me why I loved watching this anime so much when it was released on a regular basis. There is so much ground to cover for these episodes.

One thing that continually has me baffled is the way that Nana Oosaki carries on about Nana Komatsu. It's as if she has a undying love for her. I can't really describe it as it just seems so out of the ordinary. Nearly indescribable if you ask me. I know that she's not bi-sexual, but with the way she talks about her has me curious at times. Also, with Ren. I can't figure out wether she wants to be with him or not. One minute she claims that she loves him, the next minute she wants to separate or wants to be "saved" from loving him so much. Sigh....compared to Komatsu, it seems like her life is in somewhat of a huge mess right now.

If I had to feel sorry for one person out of this series, it would be Yasu. He's always been dependable and reliable for Oosaki but his allegiance or brotherhood if you will, towards Ren forces him to surpress his desires. He's what you call a very "rare" guy now and days. To sacrifice ones happiness in order to make someone else happy is a very tough thing to do. Time and time again, he mangages to do it though. I know that he must be crying on the inside.

Nobu is holding up pretty well. I felt bad for him, but it seems that he's moving on to older chicks! Hope him and Komatsu can become friends again.

Okay, what's gotten me in a real stir is the "relationship" between Reira and Shin!!? I'm sitting here watching this like WTF?! The boy is 15 years old!? I mean this girl has really low self-esteem. Can't blame Shin as he seems the be the resident pimp for this series, but I can't help but look at Reira and call her pathetic. At least in my eyes. A 22 year old girl, paying to have sex with a 15 year old and then proceed to have a relationship with him. Just totally odd in my book.

Let's see who else....Ah yes Ren. What can I say, the guy really loves Oosaki. Not so sure how Oosaki feels for him though. I nearly choked up when he asked Oosaki to marry him! Can't tell what will happen between these two. Ren is an odd spot right now with Oosaki so unsure about herself.

Yeah that's it. Didn't forget about anybody. No, no. Last but not least, Komtasu. Seems that she's holding up real well. Still didn't like the way she went about things, but it seems that she's happy. I'm hoping that Takumi will treat her right, but that's wishful thinking!

Man, I typed too much. Looks like there's only 3 more episodes to go for the first season?! Didn't know there was going to be a season 2..Wonder what will happen with these final 3 episodes.
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*Dusts off login details*

Quite a while since I've posted here...

Anyway, I finally got around to catching up with Nana, and I have to say I wish I hadn't waited so long! Really good series.

As for Nana's feelings towards Hachiko, I don't really view them as romantic love. I suppose, on the Kinsey scale, Nana would probably rate a 1 or maybe 2, but I think you have to take into account the history of Nana's relationships (not just romantic).

First off, abandoned by her mother.
Raised by stern, unloving grandmother.
No friends until Nobu in high school.
Intense relationship with Ren, but then he leaves to join Trapnest.

I suppose you could add Yasu initially deciding to pursue law rather than a career with BlaSt, but the long and short of it is that she has a serious history of betrayal in her past relationships, and seemingly no close relationships with other girls/women. Until Hachi.

Reira certainly does have extreme self-esteem issues, only seeing value in herself as a singer. She also spends a lot time in close-quarters with Takumi and Ren, two attractive men that she can't have. Then Shinji appears, offering the possibility of some romance,and sex, as a (in theory) "no strings attached" business relationship, which must have been very tempting. I'll also charitably say that perhaps she didn't realise that he was only 15 at the time.
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