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Project Akira
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Gurenn Lagann

So this series has been getting a lot of mention from alot of my friends who have seen it because they actually have a computer and I merely use one at libraries. I'm curious who here on the boards has seen it and can tell me a little about the show as I'm pretty interested in the show. Also I hear it's going to be airing on the US's Sci Fi Channel in the near future.
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Well...if you really want the scoop on this series, then its best to go to this thread here:

Simply put, Gurren Lagaan is one of the most epic anime release in recent years. GAINAX goes COMPLETELY over the top with this one! Definately cant wait for the movies to come. I welcome more Gurren Lagaan!
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I have to disagree.

I enjoyed it at first. Wacky crazy fun. But then it got too repetitious.

1. All powerful bad guy appears
2. All powerful bad guy kicks good guys butt.
3. Good guy gets a testosterone surge, merges with enemy mecha
4. Bad guy is defeated.
5. Repeat step 1 with an even bigger bad guy.

It was more style than substance. But some people go nuts over it.
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Some people are idiots.
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I heard this series was really good. Are you guys saying its bad? What would you rate it and would you recommend it?
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This one just started playing on the SciFi channel on USA cable/satellite.

Very well styled anime. Copious fan service somehow avoids being obnoxious. Only saw the first two episodes though, so I guess the repetition comes later.
(note the avatar is Yoshizuki Iori from the I''s manga by Masakazu Katsura)
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