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Question Solty Rei ending (SPOILERS)

For those who have seen the ending, what did you think of it? Would you have ended the series differently? Should Solty have lived or died? If you think she should live, should she have returned immediately in one piece?

I did not like the ending when Roy, many years later, goes up into space to look for Solty. First of all, it looked kind of tacked on at the last minute. Second, why did it take Roy so long? I would have ended the final episode with Roy and Rose in the park still believing that Solty will return. Let the audience decide the rest for themselves.

What do you think?
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I thought the ending was ok. It basically demonstrated that Roy did not give up, that he really did believe she was alive somewhere. That it took 5 years is no surprise. Mankind couldnt even fly high altitudes, they wouldnt have had ready prototypes sitting around for space travel.
That she was alive is fine with me too. Just like Rosa/Rita, she was lost and all that was left of who she had been (at the point of finding her) was the song.

It was also neat to see them get on with their lives. You had to actually see that Roy didn't just break down again.
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