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Kure-nai ideas

Ok, I watched this anime a while ago... I really liked it. Of course I'm talking about the anime and not the manga. The girl was extremely cute, and so was the relationship between the two. The age difference made it weird at times, but I allways ended up wanting them to stay together for life. I say this because I want to see if anyone felt the same kind of thing, even considering the age gap. But i digress, since this is not the main point of my thread.

I want to review the aspect of the show that I really felt needed more depth, which was the assassin bone that they implant into him. Not only was it badass, but the idea behind it I felt had a lot of potential to make a great story. When he goes mad, it comes out and slashes the crap out of the enemies.. I just saw it as one of the most badass utilities that have been presented in any show lately.
Opinions wellcome.

BTW, I highly recommend this show.
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