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Gundam vs Gundam

There's a new Vs. game under development and testing, afew pictures have been floating around (mostly on 4chan) so everyone can finally put to rest (sorta) those who'd win debates. They've taken Gundams from every series thus far (maybe some 00 units might get in?) and some non-Gundams, from what I've seen so far (and some can be assumed) whats in it right now:

RX-78-2 Gundam
Bernie's Zaku II FZ
Char's Zaku II
Gouf Custom
Gundam GP02A
Gundam Mark II
Super Gundam
Zeta Gundam
ZZ Gundam (Non-FA version)
Hyaku Shiki/Methuss (its hard to tell)
Qubeley/Mk II
Nu Gundam
Gundam F91
V2 Gundam (some of its upgrades)
God Gundam
Master Gundam
Gundam Wing Zero (series version)
Gundam X
Turn A Gundam
Capool (Sochie is the pilot)
Strike Gundam (and its various packs)
Aegis Gundam
Impulse Gundam (and its various packs)
Freedom Gundam
Justice Gundam
Gundam Heavyarms
Gundam GP03
Devil Gundam

About Strike's/Impulse's/V2's upgraded forms it appears that you can switch during battle (also applies to MS that have various weapon setups like Zeta can switch between Beam Rifle and Beam Launcher) its still being tested and all, but it seems there is a bias towards Freedom Gundam. Thoughts?

Edit: lol I missed some, still missing some.
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that's good list, I have seen most of the gundam series in the market
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Interesting, thanks! Good to see the zaku is on the list.
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