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Re: Just my opinion...

Originally posted by RenegadePriest
Their style has become less extreme once they went mainstream but that's to be expected. VK fans still don't even begin to compete with the buying power of j-pop fans.
It's my understanding that GLAY was never visual. When it was created by Takuro, it was about hard rock (meh, or punk) and pop. In fact, they were rejected by visual livehouses for being too "pop", and rejected by pop for being too rock. If I recall correctly, Jiro was in a visual band, but quit visual kei and wanted to do rock music. That's when Jiro joined GLAY.

From what I can tell from their early work on whatever music label they're on, they had a purely rock image, and have steadily worked in very mild aspects of visual rock (hair and make-up).

Yeah, visual bands tend to refine their image as they become more and more popular, but GLAY never even considered themselves visual.
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Whoops! I guess it was a mistake on my part.
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Re: Just my opinion...

Originally posted by RenegadePriest
As for J-punk, I've listened to here and there but my friends keep trying to get me into J-billy. Interesting stuff.
Why am I afraid to ask what J-billy is?
If by high art you mean it's fun to smoke pot and look at Mike Mignola's art, I'm in total agreement.
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I'd say X-Japan's older stuff (like on "Vanishing Vision" and "Blue Blood) should be considered metal, power metal to be more precise.
Dir En Gray is...different. It's hard to really associate them with any particular style.

see you space cowboys.
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i know people said this before, but X-Japan is a big funny hairmetal band, but i like them, they're good.
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I think he means metal as in Maiden, Priest, Manowar, Celtic Frost, Morbid Angel, Savatage, Testament, Dark Tranquity, Kreator, Dream Theater, Opeth, Gamma Ray, Primal Fear, Rhapsody, etc, etc.
Err... crap, no head-shaking-metal-sign-doing smiley around here...
But yeah, that's what I ment. Stuff like Blind Guardian, Thyrfing, Slayer, Emperor, Stratovarious, Arcturus, etc.
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Originally Posted by Project Akira
Black Sabbath couldn't possibly be hicks, their British. As for Montly Crew, I do believe you mean Motley Crue. But I would not include Black Sabbath in the same class as the other two bands since they were the first metal band and they really do have great songs.

Anyone here into underground J-Punk and stuff like that?
Actually, Black Sabbath wasn't the first Metal band, but they were close. Though you wouldn't think it Led Zeppelin was indeed the first Metal band.

Here is a list of some louder, more rock/metal bands rather than the childish music J-pop emmits:

Dir en Grey
The GazettE
Alice Nine
Due' Le Quartz

Though this seems small, all the bands have their different sounds and such. Also, lots are broken up... such as Due' Le Quartz(Miyabi changed his name to Miyavi and became a pop/rock solo artist) and so on.
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I love GazettE! They're one of my fave bands (altho I'm into more English stuff atm). Their older stuff rocks, and I lub the newer stuff too. Some of it's gotten softer though (like the songs Cassis and Reila) but still amazing.

Alice Nine is really good too, but they're more Oshare Kei.
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Yeah there are like :
Aliene Ma'riage
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*swoops in from out of nowhere*

I don't really listen to much Japanese metal, but I do know of Concerto Moon

I like power/prog/neo-classical/symphonic/etc metal. Favorite is a French band called Heavenly (their album Dust to Dust is the greatest album ever made, and the song Miracle is the greatest song ever). I also really like a Russian band called Epidemia.

If you like Stratovarius, be sure to listen to Warmen.

edit- oh and of course this topic wouldn't be complete without this: and the reverse lmao
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LOL, I love this. Answering a question seven years later ftw. Hopefully he found some non-J-pop artists after all this time.

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I've always had a really hard time classifying music. What makes one song a "metal" song, and another song a "proto-metal"? What makes one song "power metal" and another "progressive metal"? For that matter, what's the difference between "industrial," "metal," and straight "rock"?

So maybe I'm off-base here, but I've always considered Sex Machineguns "metal." I can't believe they weren't mentioned here before, in all the years since this thread was opened.

Sex Machineguns - Suspense Gekijou. Incidentally, the absolute best music video ever, ha ha ha.

Also, I think Galneryus is considered metal too, although I'm not a fan of theirs.
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