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Please, advice an 'opposition' anime

Maybe I'm asking something weird, but... well I'm trying to find an anime made by real Japanese 'opposition', i.e an anime that criticizing modern Japanese live. I mean not a political opposition of a currently government of Japan, and do not mean a political anime at all. I'm looking for a sociocultural opposition, that show 'the reverse of the medal', oh, something like, for example, "The Simpsons" animated series in USA. Could anyone advice such anime, please? Or something close to it?

I'm sure that to get know the country better is necessary to looks at bad things of it's live too. Maybe such kind of anime doesn't exists yet, I do not know. If so, hope it'll appear soon...
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There's plenty of live-action stuff like that... can't think of any anime off the top of my head, though.
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There is Sayonara zetsubo sensei, but you need to process informations at lightspeed or you will miss a lot of references, or just keep the pause button at hand. There isGenshiken, this one is more specific on the otaku phenomenon. Welcome to the NHK, this one is about the hikikomori, shut ins.
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Thanks a lot for your suggestions! I'll try to watch them.
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Welcome to NHK was really good and funny as hell!
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Oh I'm still thinking 'to watch or not to watch' ... maybe I had to find them and simply start to watch but I've read their description before and start to doubt.

It looks like both (Sayonara zetsubo sensei and Welcome to NHK) are starting from the opinion that the hero's problem is inside him, not outside, i.e. the problem is in his "looser-typical" psychology, so they want to tell that there can't be bad government, bad political system, bad society and so on---if you can't live like most people do, it's your fault.

This is very comfortable for modern governments of most of advanced countries to make people think so, to train timeservers not individual personalities. It is becoming a totalitarian regime too, no much difference between Communist's one, except direct mind control was more clearly seen that present one.

This is not what I'm looking for... It is OK when clever people are unhappy, in one episode Liza Simpson even presented a plot where happiness reduces when intellect grows. Of course, people of non-standard minds could find something that non-thinking people do not before they told (unfairness, conspiracies, senseless of some social structures or rituals, or so on). Even if they fill unhappy of it ("Wit Works Woe") it doesn't mean that they are loosers or have a mania. It only means that the world around is bad.

I'm looking for a work that done by such people to show other people the world's badness and maybe even a way to change the world to be better...
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