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Charles J. Lee, writer of light novels

Hi Everyone

I'm an author who's trying to get into the light novel or anime novel market. In other words, I'm writing my own anime-like novels!

There's a lot of anime I like for different reasons - I suppose there are so many different kinds of anime each with a different appeal!

My favorite manga/anime at present are Blade of the Immortal and Death Note. I wish Battle Angel Alita was made into an anime.

Surprisingly to my relatives, I don't like Dragonball.

Personal observation:
I started out watching a lot of anime, but now I am older and go for the graphic novels, where there is more depth. I would often read a graphic novel and wish it was a light novel so that I could have even more content. It is my feeling that the light novel market will expand in future and I’ll like to write for that market.
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