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Recommend me an anime

is there a section for that kind of post?

anyway here goes what I liked so far, do you have any anime to suggest me?
I'd really like to find another anime like GITS or Ergo Proxy, cyberpunk with a nice plot and character development, not shonen or like Macross or Gundam

(in no particular order, maybe I miss some):
Cowboy Bepop
yamato nadeshico shichi enge
ergo proxy
Titan Ae
dead leaves
mind game

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Some of my suggestions:

Outlaw Star
Paranoia Agent
Death Note
Kaze no Yojimbo (or just plain Yojimbo)
Gunslinger Girl
Boogeypop Phantom
Tsukihime Lunar Legend

Most have a good plot. For FLCL, the plot is the last thing you'd follow, but it is still entertaining. Gunslinger Girl really has no central storyline, but does have several smaller stories. Boogeypop Phantom is a little hard to follow as the episodes are not in chronological order, but that is part of it's charm.

All of these have good characters.
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Death Note is the best anime out there. Also bleach and naruto are pretty good. Inuyasha, Monster, blood+, trinity blood, and madlax are also good. so is samurai champloo.
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I have to disagree about Trinity Blood. It did start out well and has many good moments. Unfortunately, the creator and head producer died before the series was completed. Rather than finish without him, they just tagged on an abrupt ending that fell far short and ruined everything that came before it. The last three episodes are awful and full of obvious clichés.

But that's just my opinion.
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