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What makes Hayao Miyazaki so unique and compelling to you as a filmmaker ?

What makes Hayao Miyazaki so unique and compelling to you, as both a filmmaker and person compared to other (similarly aged, younger, or older, or now deceased) anime and animation writer - filmmakers, whom you also greatly admire ?
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The art is usually very different to the conventions of other anime (less spikey hair for instance) and the stories are often learning or explaining experiences. For instance, "Mononoke Hime" was an excellent way to sum up the difficult positions that many people find themselves in. We want to preserve the environment, but we also want to live happily and securely (which thus far only works when there is work/room to live in).
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I suppose, in comparison to much of the anime I've seen, his stuff tends to be a lot more whimsical in the sense that appeals to a very broad audience. Especially these days where a lot of anime tends to target a specific fan base, his stuff has a general appeal for the masses: something the "whole family" can enjoy. At the same time, they're not fluff pieces and often tend to be lush in scenery and story. In some ways like a Disney production and in a lot of ways not.
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If I may add, Miyazaki does not cut corners the way that most of today's animators do. The common, and most economical, practice today is to replace the art with computer graphics. That may save time and money, but it makes for crap animation. Not that Miyazaki does not use computers. I know he does. But he does not use them to avoid the attention to detail that other animation lacks. The result is characters who actually seem alive. You can see the effort in Miyazaki's films.

Great topic. Let's keep the discussion going!
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