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Posts: 87,242 - [Episode] Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Episode 203

The long battle in the future finally comes to an end However, the group has suffered some major losses Tsuna begins to have doubts that this devastating battle was as important as he had thought Just then, the Arcobaleno comes up with a way to bring everything back to normal with the information they received from Yuni's flames With this solution, Byakuran's evil doings would be erased from the past Not only that, the past in which people perished at the hands of Byakuran would be changed so that their lives would not be lost A new past would be born, and it would lead to a brighter future

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I'm sorry but this isn't where it should end, the future arc was awesome but there is a final arc I believe the manga in on right now but so close to the end they finish it.

I know I have the manga but after reading it was the final ep I jumped on Crunchy to watch it and was just sad.

I just hope somehow they finish the next arc in anime form
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