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Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Or any of the other 50 names it comes up as...

This series was kinda sorta hella awesome. It's not your typical Magical Girl anime. Seriously. It's not. If you ate Magical Girl anime then puked it up and your puke possessed you then puked itself up again... well, it's nothing like that.

... I started writing that analogy then realized it fell completely flat but had to finish it.

But seriously... HOLY CRAP I forgot about this place. Yeah, that probably should have came first. Almost two years... how the hell do I forget about a site I frequented so often for nearly two years. And the only reason I stumbled back was because I forgot about my own websites for even longer than that and the link to this forum is in the same folder.

Where was I? Maybe this sip of Jack will help refresh my memory...

Oh, right, this series.

It's awesome. I haven't watched anime or read manga in over a year and randomly chose this one. I went into it knowing it was dark and not a "I will make you my friend by the end of this battle" series yet I was still surprised by the sheer craziness of it all. FYI, Nanoha <3 ...but I'll still make fun of it.

Anyway, discuss! Or go watch it, if you haven't.


Ah, but the description, and especially the preview pics, don't do the series justice. I assure you, even if the sight of Magical Girls disgusts you and makes you want to puke and th... wait, stay on topic... even if this is not for you, I guarantee you will be shocked and (hopefully) awed.

Normally I'd tell people to check out an episode or two and see how they like it but for this series, you have to watch at least the first three episodes to truly see what it's like. If you're still not into it, then go find out why you suck at enjoying anime... hahaha, I kid.

But srsly, suck it.

Then watch a couple more episodes.
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I totally thought this show was gonna suck magical girls come on can we do it agian. But hell was i surprised how dark and interesting the concept was. I think it was a bit condensed however i wish they had made it 26 eps
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