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Smile Knight Hunters Eternity

When I started watching this series, I realized that it must be a sequel to an earlier series. The characters were already established. Sure enough it is the sequel to Knight Hunters. Although I did not see the first series, I can still follow the storyline, although there are some elements for which I obviously have to watch the first series to fully understand.

Weiss is a secret organization that hunts down deadly criminals who hide in the shadow. Four members are sent to investigate a private school in Japan which may have ties to terrorists. What they find is a student body being conditioned through mind control. The Weiss team may be in over their heads on this one. Even they are not immune to the mind games.

I watched disc 1 of the series, episodes 1-5. They are pretty dark with sympathetic and main characters breaking down and dying regardless of what side they are one. This is one of the darker animes I have watched in some time, which may be why I like it so much.

I will report back on the two remaining discs after I see them. Then I have to watch the original series.

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I finished disc 2, episodes 6-9. In the face of tragic loss, two other Weiss members join the investigation. Each Weiss member soon confronts their own dark past questioning their resolve. There is dissension. The true villain is revealed.

Unfortunately there are quite a few references to the original series, and Netflix does not have all the discs to that series. I would like to see all of the original. If it is anything like the sequel, it has to be one dark and gloomy mind game.
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Iíve finished the series. You really donít need to see the first series to follow the plot and understand the angst of the main characters. In the finale, the real villains are exposed and we learn the truth about Epitaph. But there are more factions involved than before and they are all working at cross purposes. There is tragedy, but in the end the surviving Weiss members find a resolution.

I recommend this series. I hope to see the original sometime.

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Hah, I'll be honest. The first season was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me when it first came out. It's pretty terrible in almost every way, from the bad animation that's almost laughable to the silly stories with obvious plot holes so big you could drive a truck into them. But... I liked the premise, and the characters, and the angst. There are worse series out there, and if you don't mind overlooking some big flaws, it's good enough entertainment.

I've always meant to see the second season but never got around to it.
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I actually really liked this particular series a lot it is considered an "older" series and some stores may not have it I have seen the box sets around, you can try Sam's Goody if you have one in your area or Best Buys. I do have the complete series one and two but I brought it over 6+ years ago (probaby when it first came out) What [I] really like also is the open/close theme song for series one its awesome.
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